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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clinical Cookie?

Clinical Cookie is a web application that uses a spaced repetition algorithm combined with AI-generated emergency medicine board questions to help users study and review medical knowledge.

What types of questions are included in Clinical Cookie?

Clinical Cookie includes AI-generated emergency medicine board questions that have been validated by experienced emergency physicians and intensive care specialists.

What are the three learning modes available in Clinical Cookie?

The three learning modes are the Cookie Jar, quiz mode, and learning mode.

What is the Cookie Jar mode?

The Cookie Jar mode is a seemingly neverending continous question/answer carousel where users can continuously practice answering questions.

How does the quiz mode work?

In quiz mode, users can select a number of random questions from the question database based on their chosen categories and receive a score along with performance feedback.

What is the learning mode?

Learning mode allows users to select a number of categories and questions, providing feedback after each answer.

How do users rate their performance in Cookie Jar and Learning mode?

Users rate their performance as Good, Hard, or Easy if they answer the question correctly.

What happens if a user answers a question incorrectly?

If a user answers a question incorrectly, it is rescheduled for a very short-term review.

What is the spaced repetition algorithm used for?

The spaced repetition algorithm determines the next date of review based on the user's performance rating.

Can users report issues with questions?

Yes, users can report issues with questions to the editorial team for review.

How is user feedback incorporated into the spaced repetition algorithm?

User feedback, such as rating a question as Good, Hard, or Easy, influences the scheduling of the next review. The harder the question, the quicker you'll see it appear again.

Is there a limit to the number of questions in the Cookie Jar mode?

No, there is no limit; the Cookie Jar mode is designed to be an endless question/answer carousel.

Can users choose specific categories in quiz mode?

Yes, users can choose specific categories from which to receive random questions in quiz mode.

Does learning mode provide immediate feedback?

Yes, learning mode provides immediate feedback after each answer.

How are the questions validated?

Questions are validated by experienced emergency physicians and intensive care specialists.

Can the performance data be reviewed by users?

Yes, users receive information about their performance in quiz mode.

What happens after a user reports a problem with a question?

The reported question is reviewed by the editorial team for accuracy and relevance.

Are the questions in Clinical Cookie updated regularly?

Yes, questions are regularly updated and reviewed to ensure accuracy and relevance.

What happens when I start a learning or quiz session without selecting any category?

When you select no categories, the system assumes you want no specific category and act similarly as if you select all categories.

How does the application help with long-term retention?

The spaced repetition algorithm helps with long-term retention by scheduling reviews based on how you assess your performance.

Is Clinical Cookie suitable for all levels of emergency medicine professionals?

Yes, Clinical Cookie is designed to be beneficial for emergency medicine professionals at all levels.

What is the difference between the free option and the 'regular' subscription?

Without a subscription you are limited to the cookie jar and reviewing 10 questions per day as shown in the banner on the top of the page. When you have a 'regular' subscription, this limit and banner aren't there and you can study as much questions as you like..

How long is the trial period?

There is a 2 week free trial, during which you can easily cancel your subscription free of charge. After this period you will be charged. You can cancel at any time, and return to the limited free version.

How does the AI optimized learning work?

Using your feedback on how well you answered the questions, your memory and learning ability can be mathematically modeled. We calculate a set of weights to optimize our model based on your performance. This can either give your more frequent repetions, or more new questions.

Will you ever sell my data?

No, we believe trust is the basis of medicine. Trust between teacher &student and trust between doctor & patient.

Why wasn't my progress saved in Quiz mode or Learn mode?

In Quiz and Learn mode your feedback only gets uploaded to the server at the end of session due to technical reasons. It is important that you finish the session. The learning modes are created in a way that they gracefully handle most internet connection issues.

Can I use this to prepare for the EBEEM part A Examination?

Yes certainly. The materials were developped with the European Board Examination in Emergency Medicine (EBEEM) in mind.

Why is the Pro package more expensive?

The Pro package is more expensive because the AI optimizer requires intensive computing resources. The AI optimizer uses a gradient descent optimizing approach to find the optimal parameters to fit your memory retention curve.

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